This is a family history website where you can find out about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide, and in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find something interesting here. Please feel free to look around and contact me.

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Boots (2,203), Bootes (766), Gowland (388), Peart (150), Dawson (133), Hunt (131), Beadle (125), Elliott (103), Smith (102), Brown (85), Richardson (81), Wilson (80), Kemp (78), Ranger (73), Gibson (70), Tree (65), Watson (65), Lax (64), Wake (63), Philipson (62), Forster (60), Houltby (58), Walton (55), Rumney (55), Ritson (51), Goodsell (50), Carter (50), Fairless (49), Emerson (48), Green (48), Sanderson (48), Stone (46), Noakes (44), Tamsett (43), Boot (41), Weaver (41), Lowes (41), Cook (40), Robinson (39), Thompson (38), Luxford (36), Brewster (36), Ransom (35), Setree (35), Stratton (34), Taylor (34), Bates (34), Glendenning (34), King (33), Shilling (33)
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Norman Leroy BootsBoots,Norman Leroy21 August 200201515Death 
Paul Nelson BootsBoots,Paul Nelson21 August 200211515Death 
Rosemarie Susan GurrGurr,Rosemarie Susan21 August 195825959Birth 
Mary Ann RileyRiley,Mary Ann21 August 194137676Death 
Charles John BootsBoots,Charles John21 August 192249595Birth 
Agnes Eliza GranthamGrantham,Agnes Eliza21 August 192259595Death 
Doris Guthrie LathaenLathaen,Doris Guthrie21 August 19036114114Birth 
William Henry McDanelMacDanel,William Henry21 August 18927125125Death 
Alexander VanderwerkenVanderwerken,Alexander21 August 18918126126Death 
Edgar Warren BootsBoots,Edgar Warren21 August 18889129129Birth 
Bertha Ora BootsBoots,Bertha Ora21 August 188610131131Birth 
Emmeline Blanche BootesBootes,Emmeline Blanche21 August 188611131131Death 
Ellen Ethel LilburnLilburn,Ellen Ethel21 August 188612131131Birth 
Grace HurrenHurren,Grace21 August 188113136136Birth 
Charles Graham BootsBoots,Charles Graham21 August 184614171171Birth 
Edward Jesse Bell RedmanRedman,Edward Jesse Bell21 August 183615181181Birth 
Orpha Emaline EdsonEdson,Orpha Emaline21 August 183416183183Birth 
Thomas PhilipsonPhilipson,Thomas21 August 183117186186Birth 
Frederick Edmund Walton + Ruth WyattWalton,Frederick Edmund + Wyatt,Ruth21 August 190518112112Marriage 
Henry Scott Newman + Dorcas ReedNewman,Henry Scott + Reed,Dorcas21 August 187619141141Marriage 
Kara Amelia BootsBoots,Kara Amelia22 August 1983203434Birth 
Joseph Oscar BootesBootes,Joseph Oscar22 August 1983213434Death 
Yvonne Winifred BootesBootes,Yvonne Winifred22 August 1939227878Birth 
Elizabeth BootsBoots,Elizabeth22 August 1937238080Death 
Elizabeth FensomFensom,Elizabeth22 August 1929248888Death 
Margaret Joan BootsBoots,Margaret Joan22 August 1924259393Birth 
Ernest George BingBing,Ernest George22 August 1920269797Birth 
Lester Sylvester BootsBoots,Lester Sylvester22 August 191527102102Birth 
Phyllis Eva BootesBootes,Phyllis Eva22 August 190028117117Birth 
Charlotte Matilda LewisLewis,Charlotte Matilda22 August 189529122122Death 
Charlotte CattCatt,Charlotte22 August 189430123123Death 
Grace Edith BootsBoots,Grace Edith22 August 189031127127Birth 
Emily Jane SmithSmith,Emily Jane22 August 188732130130Birth 
Daisy Agnes BrookerBrooker,Daisy Agnes22 August 188633131131Birth 
Mary Isabella BootsBoots,Mary Isabella22 August 187334144144Birth 
Rhoda SadlerSadler,Rhoda22 August 187335144144Birth 
Theresa BrewsterBrewster,Theresa22 August 186936148148Death 
Frances ParkerParker,Frances22 August 184737170170Birth 
Fanny HaffendenHaffenden,Fanny22 August 184038177177Birth 
James GoodsellGoodsell,James22 August 183939178178Birth 
Mary Ann BootesBootes,Mary Ann22 August 183840179179Birth 
Elizabeth BootsBoots,Elizabeth22 August 182941188188Death 
James ChristmasChristmas,James22 August 182442193193Birth 
Francis PainePaine,Francis22 August 181943198198Birth 
Peter Orlando BrunsonBrunson,Peter Orlando22 August 181044207207Birth 
William GowlandGowland,William22 August 181045207207Birth 
John GowlandGowland,John22 August 180046217217Birth 
Fanny SimontonSimonton,Fanny22 August 178447233233Birth 
Samuel QuaifeQuaife,Samuel22 August 177948238238Birth 
Barbara BainBain,Barbara22 August 176749250250Birth 
William TamsettTamsett,William22 August 173650281281Birth 
Joseph BeadleBeadle,Joseph22 August 172551292292Birth 
Vernon David Boots + Marie Gladys BaxaBoots,Vernon David + Baxa,Marie Gladys22 August 1949526868Marriage 
Charles Frederick Bowers + Rose Matilda LovedayBowers,Charles Frederick + Loveday,Rose Matilda22 August 1920539797Marriage 
Robert Gowland + Isabella LeeGowland,Robert + Lee,Isabella22 August 188354134134Marriage 
Henry George Cram + Sophia HuntCram,Henry George + Hunt,Sophia22 August 186655151151Marriage 
Charles Henry Boots + Diana Torrence RhinesBoots,Charles Henry + Rhines,Diana Torrence22 August 185356164164Marriage 
Robert Boots + Jane PillBoots,Robert + Pill,Jane22 August 185357164164Marriage 
Baptism William Bootes
Birth 7 February 1790 28 30 Newenden, Kent, England
Death 18 January 1861 (Age 70) Age: 71 Maidstone, Kent, England
Swinhopeburn, Westgate Thomas Gowland
Birth 29 September 1787 43 37 Westgate, Durham, England
Death 25 March 1852 (Age 64) Stanhope, Durham, England
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Elizabeth Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Elizabeth
Thomas Shield     0 Shield,Thomas
Thomas Shield + Elizabeth Hudspeth     0 Shield,Thomas + Hudspeth,Elizabeth
Edward Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Edward
Anne Bell     0 Bell,Anne
Edward Hudspeth + Anne Bell     0 Hudspeth,Edward + Bell,Anne
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Hannah Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Hannah
Ann Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Ann
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John Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,John
Edward Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Edward
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Cuthbert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert
Mary Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Mary
Cuthbert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert
Elizabeth Bee     0 Bee,Elizabeth
Mary Pattison     0 Pattison,Mary
Cuthbert Hudspeth + Mary Nevin     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert + Nevin,Mary
Robert Pearson + Elizabeth Glendenning     0 Pearson,Robert + Glendenning,Elizabeth
Robert Whitfield + Elizabeth Glendenning     0 Whitfield,Robert + Glendenning,Elizabeth
Robert Glendenning + Margaret Stephenson     0 Glendenning,Robert + Stephenson,Margaret
Thomas Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Thomas
Jonathan Pearson     0 Pearson,Jonathan
Elizabeth Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Elizabeth
Robert Pearson     0 Pearson,Robert
Robert Glendenning + Mary Hudspeth     0 Glendenning,Robert + Hudspeth,Mary
Edward Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Edward
Robert Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Robert
James Glendenning     0 Glendenning,James
Jane Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Jane
Cuthbert Glendenning     0 Glendenning,Cuthbert
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