This is a family history website where you can find out about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide, and in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find something interesting here. Please feel free to look around and contact me.



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Boots (2,308), Bootes (781), Gowland (416), Peart (151), Dawson (134), Hunt (131), Beadle (130), Elliott (111), Smith (107), Brown (88), Ranger (86), Richardson (81), Wilson (80), Kemp (79), Gibson (78), Hudspeth (77), Tree (68), Wake (67), Watson (65), Philipson (65), Forster (64), Lax (64), Houltby (59), Rumney (58), Goodsell (57), Walton (56), Boot (53), Fairless (52), Ritson (51), Carter (51), Featherstone (50), Stone (50), Sanderson (49), Green (49), Emerson (48), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Brewster (44), Weaver (42), Lowes (41), Cook (41), Thompson (40), Robinson (39), Luxford (39), Ransom (37), Baker (36), Setree (35), Bates (35), Stratton (35), Taylor (34)
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Mark David BootesBootes,Mark David16 December 198503232Death 
Mabel Lucy PriklerPrikler,Mabel Lucy16 December 194417373Death 
Irene Adelaide SabiniSabini,Irene Adelaide16 December 192828989Birth 
Thelma M BootsBoots,Thelma M16 December 191939898Birth 
Edith Irene BootsBoots,Edith Irene16 December 19164101101Birth 
Thomas BootesBootes,Thomas16 December 19095108108Birth 
Stanley John BootsBoots,Stanley John16 December 19056112112Birth 
Timothy Evan SmithSmith,Timothy Evan16 December 19027115115Birth 
Louisa Lottie BootsBoots,Louisa Lottie16 December 18978120120Birth 
Frances TinniswoodTinniswood,Frances16 December 18899128128Death 
Mary Ann Hart RogersonRogerson,Mary Ann Hart16 December 188810129129Death 
Florence Eleanor WardWard,Florence Eleanor16 December 188311134134Birth 
Henry Kelsey KempKemp,Henry Kelsey16 December 186012157157Birth 
Rachel DouchDouch,Rachel16 December 185913158158Death 
Richard MarshallMarshall,Richard16 December 182114196196Birth 
James BootsBoots,James16 December 182115196196Birth 
Ann ForsterForster,Ann16 December 182016197197Birth 
John HastingsHastings,John16 December 180617211211Death 
Jesse PadghamPadgham,Jesse16 December 180118216216Birth 
John ArkleArkle,John16 December 179819219219Birth 
Charlotte BootesBootes,Charlotte16 December 178520232232Birth 
John DawsonDawson,John16 December 178121236236Birth 
George ManwaringManwaring,George16 December 177222245245Birth 
Mercy BootsBoots,Mercy16 December 175623261261Birth 
Richard HaiselmanHaiselman,Richard16 December 167724340340Birth 
William Patrick Baker + Frances Jeanette BootsBaker,William Patrick + Boots,Frances Jeanette16 December 1938257979Marriage 
Richard Skelton + Emily BootsSkelton,Richard + Boots,Emily16 December 187426143143Marriage 
Edward Butler + Elizabeth YeatesButler,Edward + Yeates,Elizabeth16 December 182127196196Marriage 
Gladys Carr BootsBoots,Gladys Carr17 December 2003281414Death 
Adelaide Mary RustonRuston,Adelaide Mary17 December 1953296464Death 
John Ellis HuntHunt,John Ellis17 December 1923309494Death 
Ida Mary BootsBoots,Ida Mary17 December 191531102102Birth 
George Shadforth AirdAird,George Shadforth17 December 190732110110Birth 
Freda Emma BootsBoots,Freda Emma17 December 190633111111Birth 
George Corbet Hunt KingKing,George Corbet Hunt17 December 189134126126Birth 
Flora Emily ShillingShilling,Flora Emily17 December 188935128128Birth 
Mary StandenStanden,Mary17 December 186636151151Death 
Arthur StoneStone,Arthur17 December 186537152152Birth 
William Thomas StoneStone,William Thomas17 December 186038157157Birth 
Stephen ParksParks,Stephen17 December 186039157157Death 
Sarah BootsBoots,Sarah17 December 185440163163Birth 
Joseph FairlessFairless,Joseph17 December 183741180180Birth 
Harriet DouchDouch,Harriet17 December 182642191191Birth 
Henry BanisterBanister,Henry17 December 182643191191Birth 
Thomas W RobardsRobards,Thomas W17 December 181844199199Birth 
Elizabeth FairlessFairless,Elizabeth17 December 180445213213Birth 
Thomas GowlandGowland,Thomas17 December 174346274274Birth 
Warren Samuel Boots + Florence Myrtle RowleyBoots,Warren Samuel + Rowley,Florence Myrtle17 December 191347104104Marriage 
Archibald Potts + Mary PeartPotts,Archibald + Peart,Mary17 December 178448233233Marriage 
Baptism William Bootes
Birth 7 February 1790 28 30  Newenden, Kent, England
Death 18 January 1861 (Age 70) Age: 71  Maidstone, Kent, England
Swinhopeburn, Westgate Thomas Gowland
Birth 29 September 1787 43 37  Westgate, Durham, England
Death 25 March 1852 (Age 64)  Stanhope, Durham, England
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