This is a family history website where you can find out about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide, and in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find something interesting here. Please feel free to look around and contact me.

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Boots (2,203), Bootes (766), Gowland (388), Peart (150), Dawson (133), Hunt (131), Beadle (125), Smith (103), Elliott (103), Brown (85), Richardson (81), Wilson (80), Kemp (78), Ranger (73), Gibson (70), Tree (65), Watson (65), Lax (64), Wake (63), Philipson (62), Forster (60), Houltby (58), Walton (55), Rumney (55), Ritson (51), Goodsell (50), Carter (50), Fairless (49), Sanderson (48), Emerson (48), Green (48), Stone (46), Hudspeth (45), Noakes (44), Tamsett (43), Lowes (41), Boot (41), Weaver (41), Cook (40), Robinson (39), Thompson (38), Luxford (36), Brewster (36), Setree (35), Ransom (35), Stratton (34), Taylor (34), Glendenning (34), Bates (34), King (33)
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Roy BootsBoots,Roy24 August 200701010Death 
Amanda KauferKaufer,Amanda24 August 200711010Death 
Howard B KnausKnaus,Howard B24 August 197823939Death 
Dorothy Rose SimperSimper,Dorothy Rose24 August 191839999Birth 
Ronald Lloyd BootsBoots,Ronald Lloyd24 August 19104107107Birth 
John George StrattonStratton,John George24 August 19105107107Death 
Ruby Beatrice BootsBoots,Ruby Beatrice24 August 19046113113Birth 
Albert Alfred M FletcherFletcher,Albert Alfred M24 August 19027115115Birth 
Arthur Graham BootsBoots,Arthur Graham24 August 18848133133Birth 
John GooseGoose,John24 August 18819136136Death 
Walter William BootesBootes,Walter William24 August 187910138138Birth 
Hannah Christina JensenJensen,Hannah Christina24 August 185311164164Birth 
Elizabeth RidleyRidley,Elizabeth24 August 182812189189Birth 
Jane SandersonSanderson,Jane24 August 182413193193Death 
Sarah PeartPeart,Sarah24 August 181714200200Birth 
Matilda SaundersSaunders,Matilda24 August 181115206206Birth 
Edward QuaifeQuaife,Edward24 August 181016207207Birth 
Thomas NoakesNoakes,Thomas24 August 180017217217Birth 
Isabel CainCain,Isabel24 August 178618231231Birth 
Ann HastingsHastings,Ann24 August 178319234234Birth 
William Currah DawsonDawson,William Currah24 August 177420243243Death 
Jane GlendenningGlendenning,Jane24 August 177421243243Birth 
Thomas WenhamWenham,Thomas24 August 176822249249Death 
Elizabeth KempKemp,Elizabeth24 August 176623251251Birth 
Thomas BeadleBeadle,Thomas24 August 176024257257Death 
Elizabeth TamsettTamsett,Elizabeth24 August 173525282282Birth 
Gilbert Bell + Mable Elizabeth BootsBell,Gilbert + Boots,Mable Elizabeth24 August 190426113113Marriage 
Edmund Rhatigan + Laura Fidelia BootsRhatigan,Edmund + Boots,Laura Fidelia24 August 187827139139Marriage 
John Cain + Isabel EmersonCain,John + Emerson,Isabel24 August 173228285285Marriage 
Nettie Belle BootsBoots,Nettie Belle25 August 1983293434Death 
Harry Dudley BootsBoots,Harry Dudley25 August 1971304646Death 
Nettie Myra ClineCline,Nettie Myra25 August 1959315858Death 
Margaret RoweRowe,Margaret25 August 1951326666Death 
Emma Jane GrubaughGrubaugh,Emma Jane25 August 1930338787Death 
Mary BootsBoots,Mary25 August 191334104104Death 
Margaret Catherine BootsBoots,Margaret Catherine25 August 190835109109Birth 
Sidney John AyreAyre,Sidney John25 August 190336114114Birth 
Frances LambLamb,Frances25 August 189737120120Death 
Winifred Louisa KingKing,Winifred Louisa25 August 189538122122Death 
Alfred William DinesDines,Alfred William25 August 189139126126Birth 
Edith Mary ReynoldsReynolds,Edith Mary25 August 188640131131Birth 
Sarah Ann MorganMorgan,Sarah Ann25 August 188541132132Death 
Albert GowlandGowland,Albert25 August 188442133133Birth 
Ellen HaiselmanHaiselman,Ellen25 August 187843139139Birth 
Elizabeth Louisa Bertha HurrenHurren,Elizabeth Louisa Bertha25 August 187244145145Birth 
Mary McNaughtonMacNaughton,Mary25 August 186745150150Birth 
Frederick Dumont WeaverWeaver,Frederick Dumont25 August 185846159159Death 
Frances HoultbyHoultby,Frances25 August 185047167167Birth 
William DawsonDawson,William25 August 184648171171Birth 
Joseph GardinerGardiner,Joseph25 August 184449173173Birth 
Elizabeth Jane HarrisonHarrison,Elizabeth Jane25 August 183750180180Death 
Mary Jane TicknerTickner,Mary Jane25 August 183351184184Birth 
Richard WeaverWeaver,Richard25 August 182752190190Birth 
Jane ElliottElliott,Jane25 August 181653201201Birth 
Matilda TreeTree,Matilda25 August 181654201201Birth 
William HuntHunt,William25 August 179155226226Birth 
Elizabeth HodgsonHodgson,Elizabeth25 August 177956238238Death 
Adah BeadleBeadle,Adah25 August 177057247247Birth 
Ann WaltonWalton,Ann25 August 176458253253Birth 
Richard Forster SisleySisley,Richard Forster25 August 176459253253Birth 
Ann BeenyBeeny,Ann25 August 169960318318Birth 
Wilbur Orin Vance + Mabel Luella BootsVance,Wilbur Orin + Boots,Mabel Luella25 August 1929618888Marriage 
Carl Ira Thompson + Margaret Catherine BootsThompson,Carl Ira + Boots,Margaret Catherine25 August 1927629090Marriage 
Joseph Maddison + Hannah FairlessMaddison,Joseph + Fairless,Hannah25 August 179263225225Marriage 
Baptism William Bootes
Birth 7 February 1790 28 30 Newenden, Kent, England
Death 18 January 1861 (Age 70) Age: 71 Maidstone, Kent, England
Swinhopeburn, Westgate Thomas Gowland
Birth 29 September 1787 43 37 Westgate, Durham, England
Death 25 March 1852 (Age 64) Stanhope, Durham, England
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Matthew Ridley     0 Ridley,Matthew
Ann Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Ann
Robert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Robert
Robert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Robert
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Thomas Shield + Elizabeth Hudspeth     0 Shield,Thomas + Hudspeth,Elizabeth
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Edward Shield     0 Shield,Edward
Ann Shield     0 Shield,Ann
Jonathan Shield     0 Shield,Jonathan
George Homel + Ann Hudspeth     0 Homel,George + Hudspeth,Ann
Ann Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Ann
George Homel     0 Homel,George
Samuel Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Samuel
Edward Hudspeth + Anne Bell     0 Hudspeth,Edward + Bell,Anne
Mary Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Mary
Cuthbert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert
Mary Bee     0 Bee,Mary
John Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,John
William Hudspeth + Dorothy Hutchinson     0 Hudspeth,William + Hutchinson,Dorothy
John Hudspeth + Mary Bee     0 Hudspeth,John + Bee,Mary
Ann Atkinson     0 Atkinson,Ann
John Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,John
John Hudspeth + Ann Atkinson     0 Hudspeth,John + Atkinson,Ann
Cuthbert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert
Jane Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Jane
Cuthbert Hudspeth + Mary Pattison     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert + Pattison,Mary
Cuthbert Hudspeth + Mary Neevin     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert + Neevin,Mary
Anne Bell     0 Bell,Anne
Cuthbert Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Cuthbert
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Elizabeth Hudspeth     0 Hudspeth,Elizabeth
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