This is a family history website where you can find out about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide, and in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find something interesting here. Please feel free to look around and contact me.



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Leonard BootsBoots,Leonard23 October 199801919Death 
William Patrick BakerBaker,William Patrick23 October 197114646Death 
John Ellis BootesBootes,John Ellis23 October 196025757Death 
Edith LongLong,Edith23 October 195935858Death 
Henry E BootsBoots,Henry E23 October 192749090Birth 
Charlotte BootsBoots,Charlotte23 October 192059797Death 
Anthony Warren HamblyHambly,Anthony Warren23 October 191869999Death 
Norman William BootesBootes,Norman William23 October 18927125125Birth 
Walter James BootsBoots,Walter James23 October 18638154154Birth 
Lucy PullenPullen,Lucy23 October 18599158158Birth 
William BootsBoots,William23 October 185010167167Birth 
Abraham Thomas BootsBoots,Abraham Thomas23 October 184411173173Birth 
Henry Thomas WalkerWalker,Henry Thomas23 October 183912178178Death 
Spencer NoakesNoakes,Spencer23 October 183813179179Death 
Emily Jane PackhamPackham,Emily Jane23 October 183614181181Birth 
Jane AtkinsonAtkinson,Jane23 October 183615181181Birth 
Elizabeth LaxLax,Elizabeth23 October 183616181181Birth 
Tamar IrelandIreland,Tamar23 October 183617181181Birth 
George MasonMason,George23 October 183118186186Birth 
Nancy BeadleBeadle,Nancy23 October 183019187187Birth 
Mary GowlandGowland,Mary23 October 182620191191Death 
William BootsBoots,William23 October 182621191191Death 
Joseph PicksleyPicksley,Joseph23 October 182522192192Death 
Elizabeth CharltonCharlton,Elizabeth23 October 180223215215Birth 
John RumneyRumney,John23 October 180124216216Birth 
Edward BullBull,Edward23 October 176325254254Birth 
John BootsBoots,John23 October 173726280280Birth 
Edward BlandBland,Edward23 October 168727330330Birth 
William WenhamWenham,William23 October 156928448448Birth 
William CrouchCrouch,William24 October 190829109109Death 
Elizabeth Gwendoline BootsBoots,Elizabeth Gwendoline24 October 190830109109Birth 
Lily ScottScott,Lily24 October 190231115115Birth 
Horatio StrattonStratton,Horatio24 October 189532122122Birth 
Ann Melinda WarrenWarren,Ann Melinda24 October 188633131131Death 
Elizabeth BainBain,Elizabeth24 October 185934158158Birth 
Reuben GlydeGlyde,Reuben24 October 185235165165Birth 
Matthew AndersonAnderson,Matthew24 October 185036167167Death 
Henry BootsBoots,Henry24 October 183337184184Death 
Jane FeatherstoneFeatherstone,Jane24 October 182738190190Birth 
Elizabeth BootsBoots,Elizabeth24 October 182639191191Death 
Stephen GunterGunter,Stephen24 October 181940198198Birth 
Robert ChesterChester,Robert24 October 181641201201Death 
Lydia Mary BallardBallard,Lydia Mary24 October 181442203203Birth 
Thomas ForsterForster,Thomas24 October 181343204204Birth 
Betty AndersonAnderson,Betty24 October 180344214214Birth 
Ann HudspethHudspeth,Ann24 October 178045237237Birth 
George Henley EldridgeEldridge,George Henley24 October 177346244244Birth 
Richard TaylorTaylor,Richard24 October 177247245245Death 
Featherston WallisWallis,Featherston24 October 176348254254Birth 
John HudspethHudspeth,John24 October 173649281281Birth 
James BootesBootes,James24 October 166750350350Death 
Robert BoorneBoorne,Robert24 October 165051367367Death 
Frederick Lovell + Eliza Ellen HedgerLovell,Frederick + Hedger,Eliza Ellen24 October 188052137137Marriage 
Jeremiah Howard + Mary Ann MuskHoward,Jeremiah + Musk,Mary Ann24 October 186653151151Marriage 
Samuel Crouch + Elizabeth BootsCrouch,Samuel + Boots,Elizabeth24 October 183554182182Marriage 
Henry Tompsett + Susanna CutbushTompsett,Henry + Cutbush,Susanna24 October 182555192192Marriage 
Thomas Hetherington + Elizabeth DixonHetherington,Thomas + Dixon,Elizabeth24 October 179656221221Marriage 
Baptism William Bootes
Birth 7 February 1790 28 30 Newenden, Kent, England
Death 18 January 1861 (Age 70) Age: 71 Maidstone, Kent, England
Swinhopeburn, Westgate Thomas Gowland
Birth 29 September 1787 43 37 Westgate, Durham, England
Death 25 March 1852 (Age 64) Stanhope, Durham, England
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