This is a family history website where you can find out about people related to the surnames BOOTES (BOOTS) and GOWLAND. My father was a BOOTES and my mother was a GOWLAND. Both are uncommon and unusual surnames. The scope is worldwide, and in the UK if you have ancestors in East Sussex, the North Pennines, or Sunderland, you may find something interesting here. Please feel free to look around and contact me.



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Boots (2,313), Bootes (781), Gowland (416), Peart (151), Dawson (134), Beadle (131), Hunt (130), Elliott (111), Smith (107), Brown (88), Ranger (86), Richardson (81), Wilson (80), Kemp (79), Gibson (78), Hudspeth (77), Tree (68), Wake (67), Watson (66), Philipson (65), Forster (64), Lax (64), Houltby (59), Rumney (58), Goodsell (57), Walton (56), Boot (53), Taylor (53), Fairless (52), Ritson (51), Carter (51), Featherstone (50), Green (50), Stone (50), Sanderson (49), Emerson (48), Tamsett (47), Noakes (46), Brewster (44), Weaver (42), Lowes (41), Cook (41), Thompson (40), Robinson (39), Luxford (39), Ransom (37), Bainbridge (36), Baker (36), Setree (35), Bates (35)
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Elizabeth Lax GreenGreen,Elizabeth Lax19 February 193608282Death 
Oliver Frederick BootsBoots,Oliver Frederick19 February 193018888Birth 
Alfred Thomas BootesBootes,Alfred Thomas19 February 192928989Death 
Mary YeomanYeoman,Mary19 February 192439494Death 
Abraham NewmanNewman,Abraham19 February 19144104104Death 
Ellen CockburnCockburn,Ellen19 February 18985120120Birth 
Lorenzo ChircopChircop,Lorenzo19 February 18886130130Birth 
Elenor May GowerGower,Elenor May19 February 18837135135Birth 
Ernest Richard BootsBoots,Ernest Richard19 February 18838135135Birth 
John Flote BootsBoots,John Flote19 February 18759143143Death 
Harriett Boots WatsonWatson,Harriett Boots19 February 187410144144Death 
John Henry BootsBoots,John Henry19 February 187211146146Birth 
Harriett DavisDavis,Harriett19 February 186812150150Birth 
Spencer BootsBoots,Spencer19 February 186713151151Death 
George Thomas BootsBoots,George Thomas19 February 186714151151Birth 
Edith BowersBowers,Edith19 February 186415154154Birth 
William Moses CartnerCartner,William Moses19 February 186216156156Birth 
Alfred BootsBoots,Alfred19 February 184917169169Death 
Sarah Elizabeth BootesBootes,Sarah Elizabeth19 February 183718181181Birth 
Isabella GowlandGowland,Isabella19 February 183719181181Birth 
Henry CarverCarver,Henry19 February 183320185185Birth 
Louisa GriffinGriffin,Louisa19 February 183221186186Birth 
Charlotte CouchmanCouchman,Charlotte19 February 182622192192Birth 
Thomas Benjamin WebbWebb,Thomas Benjamin19 February 181723201201Birth 
Edward HoultbyHoultby,Edward19 February 181524203203Birth 
Harriet SmithSmith,Harriet19 February 181325205205Death 
Jonathan DawsonDawson,Jonathan19 February 180826210210Death 
Elizabeth BootsBoots,Elizabeth19 February 180427214214Birth 
William SetreeSetree,William19 February 180328215215Death 
Francis ElliottElliott,Francis19 February 177429244244Birth 
Ann BeenyBeeny,Ann19 February 172130297297Death 
William SmerswellSmerswell,William19 February 170331315315Death 
William McComber + Ethel BootsMacComber,William + Boots,Ethel19 February 191732101101Marriage 
William Thomas Salisbury + Fanny BootesSalisbury,William Thomas + Bootes,Fanny19 February 189833120120Marriage 
William Boots + Elizabeth LewisBoots,William + Lewis,Elizabeth19 February 188134137137Marriage 
Henry Hughes + Mary Ann LuxfordHughes,Henry + Luxford,Mary Ann19 February 185135167167Marriage 
Frederick Francis Stephen Bootes + Elizabeth Margaret GibsonBootes,Frederick Francis Stephen + Gibson,Elizabeth Margaret19 February 184836170170Marriage 
George Knight + Eliza BootsKnight,George + Boots,Eliza19 February 184337175175Marriage 
Matthew Douglass Wake + Dorothy SoftleyWake,Matthew Douglass + Softley,Dorothy19 February 184038178178Marriage 
Aaron Richardson + Mary WatsonRichardson,Aaron + Watson,Mary19 February 182039198198Marriage 
Baptism William Bootes
Birth 7 February 1790 28 30  Newenden, Kent, England
Death 18 January 1861 (Age 70) Age: 71  Maidstone, Kent, England
Swinhopeburn, Westgate Thomas Gowland
Birth 29 September 1787 43 37  Westgate, Durham, England
Death 25 March 1852 (Age 64)  Stanhope, Durham, England
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